LAN Parties?

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Reading back the review I wrote about OCC22, it’s feels strange. It’s not quite how I feel about LAN parties today. Fu-LAN6 might have been great for the attendees, it sure wasn’t great for me, and FoM was a major dissapointment as well. Thinking back at OCC: you shouldn’t spend your time watching DVDs at a LAN party, you should spend your time playing multiplayer games, something you can’t do (as well) at home. But at the LAN party, you realise that you don’t have the same games as the people in your clan, and you end up being stuck with the games installed on your computer. Playing it alone, because no one else has it.

So I end up getting bored, watching television series on the DVDs I brought from home. But honestly: I can watch them much more comfortly at home. Last FoM I spend 4 hours drawing our clan’s logo in 3D, in a race between Blender and 3DsMax. Ofcourse, I lost, I’ve never done anything like that before, but because I has nothing better to do, I kept on going untill it was completed.

Maybe I’m not “pro” enough, maybe I’m getting too old for this, or maybe I just need a break from it all. Anyway, I have decided not to go to the next FoM and OCC events, so you won’t be getting any reviews on those.


OCC has yet again proven itself to be the leading LAN party organization (at least as far as I can compare) last weekend. Even on this 22nd edition (has it really been going on this long?) the OCC crew has shown the same dedication and moral as if it was the very first LAN party, and they were all 16 years old again.

The Internet had a few hick-ups, but who needs Internet when you can play Battlefield2 or Trackmania Nations on a LAN server? A ftp server containing the latest patches for the popular games (or at least the games where there are compos for) could limit the usage of Internet to MSN only.

I heard some complaints about long waiting lines on the food shop. I didn’t experience that myself, I barely ate anything that weekend Smile.

To the clans that were sitting next to us (ZWAM and Unreadable), thanks for making this OCC edition as fun as it was! Too bad we lost the quiz, we didn’t even get close to Unreadable this time, maybe we do game better when we are completely wasted… Wink I also wanted to do that “Shear Panic” boardgame compo, too bad it got cancelled…

Next one up would be FoM9.0 in Sint-Niklaas on June 29th…

Panic1 @ OCC21.bis

{mosimage} November 3rd to November 5th: OCC21, take 2.

After the cancellation of the original OCC21 edition early august 2006, OCC was shrouded under a dark shadow. The forum was shut down for about a month to protect the crews moral from ranting gamers, and rumours about the end of this monumental LAN party organisation were all over the LAN scene. The OCC crew always said that cancelling the OCC21 edition was not the end, but just an emergency solution to lacking participations and an unevitable financial disaster. Well, the crew came through, and OCC21.bis is a fact. This weekend in Temse and I will be there. Return later for a full report on what happened at this revival edition (if I still remember what happened when I wake up on Monday, I have a tendency to get really drunk at OCC LAN parties)…


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