Fu-LAN Seven

Fu-LAN Seven is only about one month away now. And things are happening really fast now. Or at least, they should.

Repair the switches, get sponsors, materials, Internet, visitors… and try to prevent the crew from knawing at each other’s throats. It promises to be a very “interesting” seventh edition, if you are into advanced antropology. I’m still trying to convince myself that this is a good idea. At least I won’t get bored 😉

Updates can be expected in a month.

* Update (at last)

Fu-LAN 7 has come and gone, and Panic1 saw that was good. To me the Fu-LAN was exceptionally good. Ofcourse not all fellow crew members will agree with me (sorry, ChwyZzZ :(). The workload was divided better, and maybe because I didn’t care as much about everything, things seemed to go alot smoother than usual. Yeah, there were some bumps here and there, but nothing major really.

But I still coulnd’t find the fun in Fu-LAN. It’s weird: there was nothing wrong with the LAN party, very relaxed mood, lotsa games being played, very friendly people, redbull promogirls, etc… And yet I’m loosing interest in all of it. Otaku felt even worse afterwards, he put in alot more effort compared to me, and couldn’t find the fun as well (except deep inside the bottle – DUH!). I have no clue at this time what needs to be done to get myself and my crew motivated again.

We have received very good comments about Fu-LAN7, everyone had a great, relaxing time. We just didn’t have competitions this time, so we might need to work on that some more. All and all it was a success. We still need collect the numbers and comments and talk it over, address the things that needs attention, and pamper the crew a little. After that the Fu-LAN8 can be put in the pipeline. The question on everyone’s lips is who will be starring at the LAN?

LAN Parties?

It’s been a while hasn’t it?

Reading back the review I wrote about OCC22, it’s feels strange. It’s not quite how I feel about LAN parties today. Fu-LAN6 might have been great for the attendees, it sure wasn’t great for me, and FoM was a major dissapointment as well. Thinking back at OCC: you shouldn’t spend your time watching DVDs at a LAN party, you should spend your time playing multiplayer games, something you can’t do (as well) at home. But at the LAN party, you realise that you don’t have the same games as the people in your clan, and you end up being stuck with the games installed on your computer. Playing it alone, because no one else has it.

So I end up getting bored, watching television series on the DVDs I brought from home. But honestly: I can watch them much more comfortly at home. Last FoM I spend 4 hours drawing our clan’s logo in 3D, in a race between Blender and 3DsMax. Ofcourse, I lost, I’ve never done anything like that before, but because I has nothing better to do, I kept on going untill it was completed.

Maybe I’m not “pro” enough, maybe I’m getting too old for this, or maybe I just need a break from it all. Anyway, I have decided not to go to the next FoM and OCC events, so you won’t be getting any reviews on those.

Fu-LAN 6

Last weekend I organised the 6th edition of Fu-LAN. Not as the LAN leader this time, but just as a member of the crew.

Thinking back on this edition fills me with mixed emotions: all patrons say that this edition was not the best ever, but yet is was still great. Ok there were a few annoying problems like the traditional compo failure and the internet gateway crashes (and me being sober was apparently a set back for most of the attendees), but no one really experienced that to make the LAN less great. I hear nice words like: relaxed, nice people, friendly crew, etc… The racing seats from Intel were a great attraction, and with only 40 gamers, everyone had the chance to play with them.

On the other end of the bar, among the fellow crew members, I hear a total different story. We made this LAN a partial success, yet we didn’t achieve the goal of 50 gamers, and we didn’t have any fun organising this event. All work and no play. We were always trying to solve problems, prepare food, running around senseless, or just trying to get some rest. I didn’t have the time to do anything fun, or talk to my friends, or mingle among the gamers, or get wasted… We will need to make some serious changes, or no one will want to start organising Fu-LAN 7.

Contradictory, this was the most efficient Fu-LAN ever. We were set up on Friday, and cleaned up on Sunday in record speeds, all thanks to great help from our friends. To all who assisted in making this LAN party become a reality: thank you very much! It wouldn’t have been possible without all your help.