LAN Wiki Update

I changed the privileges on the LAN Wiki. Now all registered site members can make changes to wiki pages, and create new pages.

*edit: All registered members can add comments now too. Do keep in mind to enter a title for your comment, or your remark will not be registered.

LAN Wiki is up and running

As you can all see, the LAN Wiki is up and running. I still need to make an appropriate starting page for it. Maybe I’ll even take a look at that default template.

If you want access to edit the wiki pages, you will have to contact me to get the Author status. This is a prelimenary measure untill I find a better way to monitor access on those pages, or untill I know what I’m dealing with a little bit better…

How to contact me? Look in the upper right corner, underneath the search box, and find the “Contact Panic1” button.