BMW R Nine T

It’s already been a few weeks now since I’ve taken this baby out for a spin, but I still wanted to write it up in a post of it’s own.

I’ve only ever owned a Suzuki M800, and only a few times have I swapped bikes with colleagues or friends. So this won’t be an expert comparison review on the BMW R Nine T, but just my personal experience.
I’ve always thought that the next bike I’d buy would be a Harley Davidson Breakout, or a Night Rod Special, but I might have to step down from that. This R Nine T is just amazing. It looks great, it rides fantastic. There is A LOT of power at low rpm, and still you feel you are in absolute control. The few times I’ve ridden other motorcycles, it took me a while to adjust to the power curve, either I kept stalling it because I didn’t rev it up high enough, or I had troubles with selecting the correct gear. Not with this one, the power is there from the low rpm, all the way up to the highs, which gives for a very comfortable feeling.
The little tug to the right the bike give you when you rev it up at standstill, because of the boxer motor and shaft drive, I was warned about before I got on. I was a bit surprised that it was this pronounced, but it’s not noticeable when riding. It’s just a great feeling to have.
The one thing that did strike me odd was that it felt amazing heavy to steer around tight corners. I’m used to my M800 being very light around the corners, although a lot of people assume it must feel really heavy, just because the bike looks heavy. I guess that I’ve been using all counter steering on the Suzuki, the handlebars are very wide, giving me a big lever to push against. So with minimal effort to guide her through the bends. Now with the R Nine T, that kind of steering was a lot harder. I guess that I should lean into the curve more on a bike like that, something that doesn’t have any (or just a little) effect on the Suzuki. I’ll have it to give it another try sometime next year, when the motorcycle season starts again.

Collection of guitars

Here I would like to share a picture of the guitars here at home. So from left to right: the ESP LTD EC-1000 ASB, the Jackson RRTMG and the ESP LTD KH-602. The amplifier is a Peavey Vypyr 30 with the Sampera2 foot switch.


Graspop 2014

I would like to share with you a short video of Graspop 2014 on June 27th. This was crazy, the first band of the bay at noon, and everybody was already out to watch Alestorm. I didn’t know what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect to end up at the bottom of a collapsed wall of death. It was an amazing experience, I’m looking forward to next year: 20th Graspop anniversary edition!

A long overdue update

Has it really been 5 years since I last posted an update? Shame on me…

A lot has changed in those 5 years, a breakup with the girlfriend, moved out of my parents house, got a new job in an exciting international company, bought a motorcycle and some electric guitars and started taking guitar lessons, but I haven’t been able to continue on those old electronics projects.

I’ll be blowing more life into this blog with a new and exciting project I’ve started on: building and programming my own quadcopter. And I’ll be adding more personal and increasingly cynical views on the world here too.

You will hear from me again soon!

Nick, get well soon!

A dear friend of mine has had a serioius motorcycle accident last monday evening. The results are quite devastating:

  • broken chestbone
  • 4 broked ribs
  • broken collarbone
  • 5 broken vertebrates
  • both lungs collapsed
  • light concussion
  • damage to the heart, severity unknown

No one else was involved in this tragid accident.

Nick, buddy: stick in there and get well soon.

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Night of the Proms 2006

Night of the Proms 2006, in stead of turning into another display of the effect of classical music on male emotions, this edition of the Night of the Proms was by far the best one I have ever expierenced.

Yeah: the singers were great, the music was great, but this is not why it felt so special this time, the singers are always great, the music is always perfect, no this time it was something more. And I’m pretty sure that feeling is related to those girls having a great party just next to us. 😉

Lief and co: I hope to meet you all again very soon!