Removing LAN Wiki

Due to inactivity of the LAN Wiki ever since it was conceived has got me thinking about removing the entire project. It doesn’t seem to draw much attention from LAN party organisations and LAN party visitors. I don’t know why it didn’t take of, but I think it just doesn’t give any additional value to anyone.

So it is time to draw my conclusions from this and remove the project.

* updates *
the project will be removed after Fu-LAN 7

* update 2 *
the LAN wiki has been removed

LAN Wiki Change

I have already removed the DokuWiki plug-in and replaced it with a totally independant MediaWiki site (known from the famous Wikipedia site). Let’s hope the popularity of this wiki software will make it easier to attrackt collaborators for this project.

The little content on the DokuWiki site has been transferred to the new MediaWiki site.

I invite everyone to add their contributions to the LAN community.

LAN Wiki Update

I changed the privileges on the LAN Wiki. Now all registered site members can make changes to wiki pages, and create new pages.

*edit: All registered members can add comments now too. Do keep in mind to enter a title for your comment, or your remark will not be registered.

LAN Wiki is up and running

As you can all see, the LAN Wiki is up and running. I still need to make an appropriate starting page for it. Maybe I’ll even take a look at that default template.

If you want access to edit the wiki pages, you will have to contact me to get the Author status. This is a prelimenary measure untill I find a better way to monitor access on those pages, or untill I know what I’m dealing with a little bit better…

How to contact me? Look in the upper right corner, underneath the search box, and find the “Contact Panic1” button.