OpenStack Part 5: Setting up OpenStack

Still following this guide.

For the controller node I needed to install first:

  • SQL database: MariaDB
  • NoSQL database: MongoDB
  • Message queue: RabbitMQ
  • Memcached

to support these services on the controller node:

  • Identity (keystone)
  • Image service (glance)
  • Dashboard (horizon) – will only be installed after setting up the networking node

these on the network node:

  • Networking (neutron)

and these on the compute node:

  • Compute (nova)

First I install keystone and glance on the controller node, then nova on the compute node, and neutron on the network node. Back to the controller node, I will add horizon and ceilometer.


While installing keystone, and populating the database, I ran into an issue where the script returned an error:

2016-07-27 22:36:21.749 3111 ERROR oslo_db.sqlalchemy.exc_filters [-] DBAPIError exception wrapped from (pymysql.err.InternalError) (1071, u'Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes')

A solution was found here:

It basically comes down to ubuntu is now using a character set with 4 bytes per character, while the python engine, while trying to create a field 250 characters long can only support 767 bytes, which is less than the 1000 bytes it would take. The fix described will reconfigure mariadb to use 1 byte characters instead, and recreate the keystone database.


As described in the guide


As described in the guide, but I did have some trouble because I entered the wrong password for the nova user while creating it in openstack.


I found this example architecture, but then I would need to add another VLAN interface to the compute and network node machines, and the controller node only needs the management interface, so I can remove interface to the tunnel network again:

On the controller node I would need to install:

  • neutron-server
  • neutron-plugin-ml2

On the network node:

  • openvswitch-switch
  • neutron-plugin-ml2
  • neutron-openvswitch-agent
  • neutron-l3-agent
  • neutron-dhcp-agent
  • neutron-metadata-agent

And on the compute node:

  • openvswitch-switch
  • neutron-plugin-ml2
  • neutron-openvswitch-agent

The guide describes how to install a basic neutron service on the controller node, but instead I would like it to run on the network node instead.

Installation of the above mentioned services has been done, but setting it up proved too much at this point.  I will cover this in a following post.

More information will probably come from this, instead of the basic installation guide.


The was very straightforward, as one would expect.  Installation followed the guide.

ceilometer (still optional)

Postponing installation of ceilometer for later.

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