OpenStack Part 3: DevStack

I’ve been trying DevStack on Ubuntu and Debian, just to get a feel with what an OpenStack installation would require from a VM (diskspace and the like).

Lessons learned:

  • Use static ip addresses on your VMs, changing them later on means updating all the entries in the database that contain this IP address.
  • One does not simple reboot a devstack machine! Before the reboot:, reboot, afterwards Even though, most of the times the cinder volume service doesn’t seem to come back online after the rejoin-stack, and I’ll have to run to make it work again. I’m not sure whether this is side effect of the devstack installation or whether this is an openstack thing, I would’ve hoped that starting and stopping virtual machines with the properly configured services would just register themselves automatically. (Update: it appears that the openstack services under the devstack tool are started in a screen session, so that yet another tool I need to learn to master if I want to progress in investigating this implementation further. But it does imply that this reboot behavior is not indicative of openstack, but only of devstack.)
  • I still have a lot to learn about what all these things actually are. The dashboard isn’t really making it any easier…


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