Velleman VK8048 PIC programmer kit

Velleman PIC programmer
I bought a Velleman PIC pogrammer kit a few weeks ago, assembled it right away, and programmed one of the examples from the CD on it, and left it gathering dust for a while.

Apparently there is no free and uncrippled C compiler for the PIC16 series microcontrollers, except maybe for the SDCC compiler, although I’m not sure whether support for the PIC16 is finished and working already.

There are other compilers for this controller by Microchip, IAR, Hi-Tech and CSS but either they require a paid license or have a severely reduced free compiler.

For now the assembler will have to do, and so I’m working my way through the 170 page manual, but it doesn’t seems to be too complicated. I’m hoping I can use this board as a test stage for that POV display, and as a programmer for the PIC controllers.

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