TTL 3,3V to RS232 Level converter – part 3

RS232 Low Power interface chips
I finally received the MAX3232CPE+ chips from Maxim. The first delivery must have gotten lost because I made an error on the address. Anyway now I can make a list of other components I need to get from the electronics shop. I hope that I can do that tomorrow, else it’ll have to wait untill next week because of the official holidays and other prior engagaments this week.

A friend of mine has also attempted to hack the fonera router, but instead of using the colofonium and camacia hacks as I did, he attempted to access the Redboot bootloader directly. Unfortunatly he has bricked his router, and is unable to get back in the bootloader. So he’s anxiously awaiting me to finish this level shifter and to get back on the road.

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