TTL 3,3V to RS232 Level converter – part 2

It has been almost a month now since I ordered the MAX3222CPN+ samples from Maxim, and still no luck… Could it have something to do with me entering the wrong postal code?

Anyway, I’m giving it another go with the similar MAX2323CPE+, the only difference with the MAX3222CPN+ is that the MAX3222CPN+ powers off when the input current drops below 1µA, so it is slightly more power efficient. I’m not trying to build a long lasting, battery operated level shifter, so the MAX3232CPE+ will do just fine.

If this one too doesn’t come through, I’ll need to start looking for the MAX232 (or its low power variants) in local retail stores. This chip needs to be powered with a 5V power supply, instead of the 3.3V power supply the MAX3232 and MAX3222 requires, so I’ll be looking at some additional wiring, and the use of an external power supply.

As soon as I have this, I can start shopping for more parts 🙂

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