ARM development kit

SMDK40100I asked my boss about those evaluation boards I mentioned earlier, and he allowed me to take the ARM SMDK40100 home to play with. It’s not a gift, it’s just a loan, but I wasn’t hoping for anything more. If they need it back for any reason, they know where it is.
I also have a J-Link jtag debugger for the board, but I still need to check whether the connector is wired correctly, but I’m sure it’ll make my programming alot easier if I can get it to work.

I’m sure I’ll be allowed to use the PIC controller board too under those same conditions, but for now I’ve left it where it is.

I’ve been thinking about that POV project again, and I don’t see me using that ARM board for this to be honest. It’s way too large, and it consumes way too much power. The PIC controller is a much better candidate for that, as I can make that battery operated. I believe I saw a battery operated PIC board/programmer by Velleman if I’m not mistaken… It would an ideal start for that POV project.

First job would be to get me a cross compiler for that ARM processor. I know GCC can be made into a cross compiler for ARM, but I also know how much work it is to make your own cross compiler and how important it is to get those versions to match. Second, I should have a deeper look into those Velleman PIC programming kits.

On the account of the rs232 level converter, I haven’t received the samples yet, and I can’t find all the components I need at Conrad and Vael is closed next week. So I’ll only be able to get it going again in April.

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