Hacking La Fonera – part 1

FoneraI bought a small La Fonera router for €7,5 a couple of weeks ago, just for the fun of replacing the firmware and tinker with a personalised Linux kernel and filesystem. I also installed a brand new web interface on it.

In the attached file you can find the details on how I replaced the bootloaders configuration, the Linux kernel and the filesystem:
Hacking La Fonera (Open Office document, download Open Office here)

I’m still working on building an RS232 level converter module for the internal serial interface on the router, and I’m trying to figure out the iptables firewall configuration so I can do NAT translation of the LAN side when I set the router as a wireless client.

Just trying to get a feel for it, really. Afterwards I’m thinking of installing a build environment on my PC and I’ll try to build the OpenWRT kernel and filesystem myself. I’m not sure whether there is a cross-toolchain for this I can just download or whether I need to create one myself? Creating a cross-toolchain from scratch is a bit of a challenge, I’ve done it once before, but it does take a couple of days until you get all the versions right and get the thing to compile properly.

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