Fu-LAN Seven

Fu-LAN Seven is only about one month away now. And things are happening really fast now. Or at least, they should.

Repair the switches, get sponsors, materials, Internet, visitors… and try to prevent the crew from knawing at each other’s throats. It promises to be a very “interesting” seventh edition, if you are into advanced antropology. I’m still trying to convince myself that this is a good idea. At least I won’t get bored 😉

Updates can be expected in a month.

* Update (at last)

Fu-LAN 7 has come and gone, and Panic1 saw that was good. To me the Fu-LAN was exceptionally good. Ofcourse not all fellow crew members will agree with me (sorry, ChwyZzZ :(). The workload was divided better, and maybe because I didn’t care as much about everything, things seemed to go alot smoother than usual. Yeah, there were some bumps here and there, but nothing major really.

But I still coulnd’t find the fun in Fu-LAN. It’s weird: there was nothing wrong with the LAN party, very relaxed mood, lotsa games being played, very friendly people, redbull promogirls, etc… And yet I’m loosing interest in all of it. Otaku felt even worse afterwards, he put in alot more effort compared to me, and couldn’t find the fun as well (except deep inside the bottle – DUH!). I have no clue at this time what needs to be done to get myself and my crew motivated again.

We have received very good comments about Fu-LAN7, everyone had a great, relaxing time. We just didn’t have competitions this time, so we might need to work on that some more. All and all it was a success. We still need collect the numbers and comments and talk it over, address the things that needs attention, and pamper the crew a little. After that the Fu-LAN8 can be put in the pipeline. The question on everyone’s lips is who will be starring at the LAN?

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