Materials needed

I know that the POV (persistance of vision) LED display has been on hold for quite a while, due to lack of interests of the friends who promised to help in the first place. I have still been thinking about doing this project all by myself instead, but I still need to have a few tools before I’ll be ready to start. One of those most crucial tools would be a multimeter. My previous one was stolen. Ok, I know that’s not a good ecxuse because it got stolen about 6 years ago, but well… 🙂

One other tool I needed was an osciloscope. I was thinking that this tool would be quite hard to obtain for a reasonable price, but against all odds it was easier than the multimeter. Now I’m in possession of a dual channel, 100MHZ Philips scope. The device is really good, but I don’t understand all the options of the trigger circuit. One turn down: there were no test probes included with the second hand scope, so I still need to buy those.

Further I need to find a electronic engineering program that would allow me to design and simulate the schematic, without spending thousands of euros, I need test print boards to make the prototypes, I need the chips and components (plus reserve components to replace those that fizz or bang)… Lot’s of things before I can start making a mechanical design, and have a stable rotating LED display.

So you see, the project isn’t cancelled, only delayed 🙂

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