Fu-LAN 6

Last weekend I organised the 6th edition of Fu-LAN. Not as the LAN leader this time, but just as a member of the crew.

Thinking back on this edition fills me with mixed emotions: all patrons say that this edition was not the best ever, but yet is was still great. Ok there were a few annoying problems like the traditional compo failure and the internet gateway crashes (and me being sober was apparently a set back for most of the attendees), but no one really experienced that to make the LAN less great. I hear nice words like: relaxed, nice people, friendly crew, etc… The racing seats from Intel were a great attraction, and with only 40 gamers, everyone had the chance to play with them.

On the other end of the bar, among the fellow crew members, I hear a total different story. We made this LAN a partial success, yet we didn’t achieve the goal of 50 gamers, and we didn’t have any fun organising this event. All work and no play. We were always trying to solve problems, prepare food, running around senseless, or just trying to get some rest. I didn’t have the time to do anything fun, or talk to my friends, or mingle among the gamers, or get wasted… We will need to make some serious changes, or no one will want to start organising Fu-LAN 7.

Contradictory, this was the most efficient Fu-LAN ever. We were set up on Friday, and cleaned up on Sunday in record speeds, all thanks to great help from our friends. To all who assisted in making this LAN party become a reality: thank you very much! It wouldn’t have been possible without all your help.

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